5ft Number Frame 


Rent the frame only. You need to fill balloons in the frame. 


Rent the frame with balloons filled. Balloon colors will match your theme. 

4ft Balloon Arch

- $50+tax

Match Theme Color 

* We accept customized length and designs balloon arch,  please feel free to contact us for quotes.

Bring your own balloons, we air it up with helium

$1.30/ea, up tp 12" latex balloons 

$2/ea, standard foil balloons, stars,circles,hearts.

$9/ea, Speciality foil ( 32" -40" numbers, characters) 

Let us take care of your helium balloons

* we are stocking our balloons, please feel free to contact us for quotes. 

order a combo for $75 +tax 

- 5ft number filled with balloons 

- 4ft balloon arch with theme colors. 

Contact us for Quotes ! 

IMG_5497 2.jpg


Balloon Number Mosaic

Balloon Arch 

Helium Balloon

Balloon Marquee